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Budget Saver Fans Support The Zieggy Tribe

Posted 07/27/18

Photo for Budget Saver Fans Support The Zieggy Tribe

In the wake of The Ziegenfelder Company’s release of CEO Lisa Allen’s video message to consumers, Budget Saver Fans are voicing their support of the Zieggy Tribe! On the company’s Budget Saver Pops Facebook page, Sarah Okroi posts, “Keep up the hard work!”

In the video, Allen explains why consumers are having trouble finding their favorite Budget Saver products. Allen cites necessary upgrades at all three facilities have caused challenges in keeping store shelves fully stocked. She promises to consumers that these improvements are necessary to ensure the best tasting, highest quality products while thanking everyone for their patience.

“Thank you for explaining,” says Steven B. Elmer-Daly on Facebook. “I used to get them at whichever local store I was in, but lately the shelves in all of the stores have been empty. I am so glad to hear they have not been discontinued. Whew. After my surgery last year, I had my first popsicle in years. It was so delicious I made enjoying one a nightly treat before bed. Now, it may sound silly, but I literally have a panic when only two or three remain because what if I can’t get more?”

John Wilson says on the company’s YouTube page, “What a relief. My one and only addiction. Can’t wait for the return.”

Also on YouTube, Tasha 405 says, “Oh my goodness, I’ve been going to every store around here looking for the Sugar Free Twin Pops! LOL I’m so glad it’s a temporary thing and they’ll be back soon! We buy at least 2 bags a week because it’s my families favorite sugar free snack!”

“Thanks for the update!” says Ed Lazarowitz on Facebook. “Fortunately, we haven't seen empty shelves, but they haven't been full up, either. I hope you resolve your issues quickly and are back up to full production in no time. I love the fact that you are a woman-managed company! And, that you are in my own state of West Virginia is great, too!”

Currently, all facilities are back up and running 24 hours a day trying to pump out enough pops to restock all store shelves with Budget Saver products. A big shout out to the members of our Zieggy Tribe who are making sure The Ziegenfelder Company continues creating smiles with our really cool treats now and in the future.

To see the full video message from Allen, CLICK HERE.