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Denver Tribe Hosts Tour for Kids

Posted 08/09/19

Photo for Denver Tribe Hosts Tour for Kids

Last month, Zieggy Tribe members from Denver took part in a wonderful opportunity to give a tour of the plant to a group of children.

The tour took place on July 16, and the kids, donning orange hairnets and protective shoe covers, were able to go behind the scenes and see how our frozen treats are made.

Our team worked hard to make sure that the tour was completely safe (and fun!) for everyone. The tour ended with a Twin Pop for everyone and lots of smiles—and that’s what Ziegenfelder’s is all about!

The Ziegenfelder Company operates out of three seperate plants, which are located in Wheeling, WV, Denver, Colorado, and Chino, California. All of our Zieggy Tribe members work together to create our cool treats and create smiles!


Group of children after the plant tour