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Meet the Tribe: Tomisluv Caraway

Posted 10/16/17

Photo for Meet the Tribe: Tomisluv Caraway

“I would like to recommend Tomislov Caraway from the freezer,” said Eric Milhoan, the Zieggy Tribe’s Supply Chain Manager. “He lives out the Zieggy essentials daily, and has worked as hard as anybody over the last 6 months.”

That favorable review of Tomislov comes as the Zieggy Tribe members working in our Wheeling freezer broke records over the summer. They moved more than 7,200 pallets on and off trucks in just one month.

“In the freezer, we’re team-orientated,” said Tomislov, speaking on what helps the freezer team succeed. “I can’t explain teamwork. For me, I find out how everyone else works and put myself where I’m needed. That’s my teamwork.”

While Tomislov will celebrate his one year anniversary working at The Ziegenfelder Company, he’s always been used to working with a group. He describes his childhood as hectic since he’s one of 12 children.

“When it comes down to it, I love them a lot,” said Tomislov. “My mom and my Great Aunt Kathleen are my biggest support system.”

In this spare time, Tomislov likes to play Playstation 4 video games, especially Warframe. When asked about his future goals, Tomislov continues to put his Zieggy Tribe first saying that he can’t leave until he makes sure the freezer crew is prepared.

“I got to find someone to take my spot,” said Tomislov. “I don’t know what where I see myself in the future. It all comes down to determination. You got to tell yourself what you want. Don’t forget it. And when that’s not enough, make the people around you happy. It comes out even all the time.”