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Safety Comes First In Our Zieggy Tribe

Posted 08/11/17

Photo for Safety Comes First In Our Zieggy Tribe

By Scott McHugh, Director of Environmental Health, Safety and Security

Here at the Ziegenfelder Company, every member of our Zieggy Tribe is responsible for safety. No matter what is happening on the production line, we all have the responsibility and ability to make sure we are not injured. All of us understand that production numbers will always be important in a manufacturing environment. But there is NO production KPI so important that we sacrifice safety to achieve those numbers.

Some common risks at our facilities include to be aware of are moving parts, slippery floors, and trip hazards. Each of us work to do our part by following these guidelines. Do not remove guards unless equipment is shut down and locked out. Never place hands in or around moving equipment such as conveyors, lowerators, or stackers. Do not open electrical panels unless you are a qualified maintenance tech.

Those are some “DO NOT’s”. There are also proactive actions we stress at the Ziegenfelder Company to stay safe. Make sure your shoes have good slip resistant soles. Clean up pops, sticks, and wrappers from the floors. Make sure tools, hoses, or other equipment are put away after use. Wear the proper protective equipment for the job you are doing. If you don’t know, ASK. If something is dangerous, STOP.  

At the Ziegenfelder Company, we help our fellow Tribe members. We look out for each other. If we notice someone has placed themselves in a risky situation that could result in an injury, we all have a responsibility to intervene. We talk with the person and explain why we’re concerned about the risk. We explain how to complete the task safely.

We do all of this because when one member of our Zieggy Tribe is injured, we all hurt. We remember that we can always make more pops….as long as we do it safely.