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Small Efforts Make Huge Impact

Posted 06/07/18

Photo for Small Efforts Make Huge Impact

The Zieggy Tribe is preparing for an event that will allow employees to give back in June. In Wheeling, Ziegenfelder employees will be able to participate in a trash collection day organized by the Zieggy Impact Group, or ZIGS.

Breanna Humphries and Jalena Marshall are members of the ZIGs. They answered questions about the event and gave some insight into the value of service opportunities within The Ziegenfelder Company through this employee-led community outreach organization.  


Q: What will the Zieggy Tribe be doing on Friday, June 15?

Bre: We have an opportunity as a tribe to pick up trash for the Wheeling community and help beautify our area.

Jalena: It’s going to be a great experience and a great opportunity for everyone in our tribe to just give back. We all live here so we need to try to give back as much as possible. And you can make new friends! That’s always great!

Bre: Just picking up trash doesn’t seem like a lot. But like jalena said, we all live here so the more we can do to make it look nice, the better!


Q: Talk about the Zieggy Impact Group. What is its purpose? What is the reasoning behind it?

Bre: The Zieggy impact group has a mission to...

Jalena: Inspire people, create smiles and impact lives!

Bre: We can do that by looking at ways our company can partner with other companies or organizations in our area that have the same values. We’re coming together to make little steps and little differences to make a bigger impact on our area.


Q: How does this mission impact the overall culture at The Ziegenfelder Company?

Bre: The events that we do really just pull people together. It helps unite people for a common goal.

Jalena: You might find common things among people you don’t even know. I mean just talking to someone you wouldn’t see everyday on a regular basis definitely opens up some doors and lets you view things from other perspectives that you wouldn’t usually think about. I feel like it helps all avenues of the community. And that’s definitely what our goal is! We’re trying to help everyone we can in the process.

Bre: Families can also participate in any of our community service events. It’s not only for employees. Bring your husband, wife, boy or girlfriends, and kids. Do service together. It’s a really good way to instill in your kids a love of helping others. That’s how I started. My parents dragged me along to stuff and now I love helping others.

Jalena: I was in a sorority in college so it was just something that we had to naturally do. We had to have so many hours a month. It just stuck with me and I still do it. It just makes me feel good. When I do community service, it makes me feel like a giant smiley face inside.


All requests related to community outreach can be submitted to The Ziegenfelder Company online through the company’s donation request form. CLICK HERE to go to the form.