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Zieggy Tribe Hosts Supplier Summit

Posted 10/25/18

Photo for Zieggy Tribe Hosts Supplier Summit

Our Zieggy Tribe hosted The Ziegenfelder Company Supplier Summit this week at the Wheeling headquarters. Companies that supply raw materials used to create Budget Saver products were invited to attend.

“In order to successfully service our customers coast to coast, we need to ensure our operational excellence is built upon solid partnerships with our suppliers,” said Holly Fillipovich, Chief Financial Officer of The Ziegenfelder Company. “Two of our key themes centered on our values that guide us here at Ziegenfelder and our best cost in manufacturing that we strive to maintain.  Our goal in hosting this was to come together to share our expectations and our future growth plans that will allow us to grow better together.”

“Our customers expect and deserve a product that looks good, tastes good, and doesn’t cost a lot,” said Eric Milhoan, The Ziegenfelder Company’s Supply Chain Manager. “Achieving success requires execution across the entire supply chain. Our suppliers play a vital role in ensuring the quality and integrity of our products.”

Although this is the first supplier summit hosted by The Ziegenfelder Company, the Zieggy Tribe intends to hold this conference annually in the fall. More than a dozen suppliers attended this year.