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Sugar Free Cherry Pineapple Monster Pops

Sugar Free Cherry Pineapple Monster Pops

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You asked and we delivered! We received numerous phone calls asking for one thing and one thing only, more sugar free! We’re proud to introduce the first ever Sugar Free Monster Pop! And we didn’t stop there, we expanded our Sugar Free line with the worlds leading Cherry Pineapple Monster Pop! Enjoy this brand new slushed Sugar Free Cherry Pineapple Monster Pop!

If this product is not available in your local grocery store, please make a point to request it! We want our sugar free variety in your store as much as you do!

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Pop Reviews

I enjoy them with my grandkids.

5 Pop Review

The sugar free are my favorite and I truly dont like sharing them especially because they're so hard to find!

4 Pop Review

I just bought the sugar free ones.

5 Pop Review

America's #1 Monster Pop Goes Sugar Free



The Budget Saver Sugar Free Cherry Pineapple Monster Pop is the first sugar free slushed pop to ever hit the market. Our swirled Monster Pop’s are such a hit, the calls and requests came rolling in for a sugar free option. In true Budget Saver fashion, we delivered on those requests. Like our other sugar free products, you won’t sacrifice on taste or texture for a dietary requirement. This swirly, slushy pop is so full of flavor, you won’t believe it’s sugar free.