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Holly Fillipovich | Staff | Twin Pops by Budget Saver | Twin Pops | Monster Pops | Ice Pops | Frozen Pops

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Our Staff

Holly Fillipovich

Holly Fillipovich

Chief Financial Officer

Holly Fillipovich is the Chief Financial Officer at the Ziegenfelder Company. She joined the Zieggy Tribe in 2012 and is responsible for the oversight of the company’s financial performance.

A veteran in the finance and accounting industry, she brings more than 20 years of experience to the team. Her accounting and finance tenure include 8 years in food & manufacturing and 12 years in public accounting. While Holly holds over 20 years in the finance industry, she stepped into the working world as a Little League concession stand worker in the 7th grade.

Fillipovich holds a B.S and M.S.A from Wheeling Jesuit University, a CPA license and is a board member for Crittenton Services & Inc Fed Reserve of Cleveland Business Advisory Council – Wheeling Chapter.

Outside of work, Holly enjoys yoga, reading and spending time with her family. Holly’s proudest moment was the birth of her son, James. Holly also lives by the best advice she’s ever received, “ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.