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Meet the Tribe: Charles Hall

Posted 07/13/18

Photo for Meet the Tribe: Charles Hall

Charles “Chuck” Hall picks up the phone to complete his Meet the Tribe interview and tells the marketing team this call interrupts his favorite hobby.

“Working on a car,” says Chuck. “It’s all I do in my spare time. I spend time with my kids and work on my car. I do my own business outside of work. I’m like a mobile mechanic. I go to people and help them work on cars. It helps them and it helps me. It’s mostly family and close friend.”

His mechanical skills are more refined from when he started working on cars as a kid. He boasts that he grew up working on cars.

“I have 7 cars,” says Chuck. “I buy them, fix them, and sell them. I think I've even sold three of them to people I work with at The Ziegenfelder Company.”

While cars are his favorite hobby, Chuck’s three daughters bring him the most joy. Breyona is 13-years-old, MacKenzie is 10-years-old, and Charlie is 2-years-old.

“My oldest one cheers,” says Chuck, “So I go to a lot of football games to watch her cheer. The 10-year-old is just hyper, and the 2-year-old, I chase her around everywhere. They’re definitely Daddy’s girls!”

Chuck admits it’s taken a lot to get to this point citing drug addiction stole 20 years of his life prior to joining the Zieggy Tribe.

“I went to jail and then I went to rehab,” says Chuck. “I came here right out of rehab and I’ve been working here ever since and moving on up. I got a drive to progress now. I’m surprised I made it out of (drug addiction) alive. A lot of people don’t get that chance. I was just sick and tired of being sick. I wasn’t myself. I didn’t know who I was. If I didn’t go through that struggle, I probably wouldn’t be as tough as I am today. You have to go through the struggle.”

Chuck explains he found a purpose when he found employment with The Ziegenfelder Company. Something that started as just a job is a major support system.

“You’ve got to have that feeling of self worth,” says Chuck. “That YOU can impact others lives with the work that you do. That’s why I stuck with the company. They didn’t judge me for what happened or where I came from. You got chances to grow if your a good worker.”

Chuck describes the best part of his job as helping others grow in the same way that others helped him achieve success.

“Watching people see how great they become,” says Chuck. “WIth the right guidance, anyone can succeed in the company. I had to make a lot of mistakes to get where I stand. So hopefully I can help others get there without them going through my mistakes. The higher-up people show that they care. A lot of other companies don’t do that. The overall tribe is what matters for sure. Other places, it’s everyone for themselves. This place is for everyone succeeding together.”