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Meet the Tribe: Huy Vo

Posted 08/22/17

Photo for Meet the Tribe: Huy Vo

Huy Vo’s history with the plant at 400 Yuma Street in Denver, Colorado started long before the Ziegenfelder Company bought the location from the Jackson Ice Cream Company.

“I started out with Jackson Ice Cream in the summer of 1995,” said Huy, who worked on and off at the plant until he returned in January of 2000. “In January 2000, Jackson Ice Cream began picking up all kinds of orders. I got my chance to come back to work until the plant was sold to the Ziegenfelder Company in March 2014.”

Huy’s career started at the Ziegenfelder Company on September 23, 2014 as a machine operator and continued to grow.

“Been in my current role as Team 2 Lead for over two years,” said Huy. “I like to work with my hands so I’m working on getting to the maintenance department. I want to always better myself.”

Along with self-improvement, Huy explained that he’s dedicated to helping those who work with him.

“The best parts about my job are teaching and sharing my knowledge to incoming (Zieggy Tribe members),” said Huy. “The hardest part about my job is getting incoming people to understand Ziegenfelder. Ziegenfelder has a lot of opportunity for everyone here that wants to get better. Ziegenfelder treats everyone coming in as family and gives opportunity to those who want to (be here). It doesn’t matter what background we all have, as long as we prove ourselves and we commit to get the (Zieggy Tribe) to a higher level.”

Outside of work, Huy spends time with his three children who are 15, 6, and 4 years old. He said they enjoy watching movies and hanging out “where the fun is” located.

“I would like to thank the owners and managers of Ziegenfelder for giving me the opportunity to better myself,” said Huy. “Also, a big thanks to my Team 2 crew and the entire Denver team. Everyone pulls together. We all have a bright future. The team always puts our Tribe’s safety first. We produce quality products. Quality products out the door make every customer happy. (And that means) we have happy, lifelong job security.”