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Safety First at Ziegenfelder

Posted 04/13/17

Photo for Safety First at Ziegenfelder

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse, Marketing Coordinator

Someone casually walking around a Ziegenfelder plant will miss key details that keep everyone safe at the home of the Budget Saver Twin Pop. I definitely missed these features on my first couple of walk-arounds during my initial weeks on the job.

I relied on Jamie Schultz, the Director of Engineering at Ziegenfelder, to get me up-to-speed on necessary points that I need to know. For example, ammonia alarms are stationed throughout the plant in specific areas. This is important because many of the refrigeration units rely on ammonia to work properly. A leak of ammonia gases could be very dangerous. 

The location of the alarms signals where a possible ammonia leak may be happening. That can clue everyone into the proper evacuation route out of the building during an emergency. Everyone heads to two designated safe-spots during an emergency to check-in. If someone is missing, emergency responders will be alerted as soon as possible so the person can be found.

Also outside, you’ll spot two wind sockets located on the roof at opposite sides of the plant. Those wind sockets show everyone where the wind is blowing. If there is an ammonia leak, don’t stand downwind.

Inside the plant, Zieggy personnel know the locations of the first aid kits, eyewash stations and other necessary items during an emergency. There are Material Safety Data Sheets in the lunchroom.

Plus, anyone who enters the production room must follow specific procedures. That definitely includes hand washing for as long as it takes you to sing your A-B-C’s. Everyone must wear ear plugs, hairnets and beard nets. Open-toed shoes and most jewelry are prohibited.

All of these items are just a few of the safe ways members of the Zieggy Tribe continue making people smile with really cool treats.