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Lemon Lime Monster Pops

Lemon Lime Monster Pops

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Nothing balances the tangy taste of lemon like a hint of juicy lime–and that’s never been more true than in Lemon Lime Monster Pops from Budget Saver.

Our big clear bag of 12 frozen slushed monster pops represents a dozen opportunities to enjoy this classic flavor combination! Big flavor, big value, and big frozen slushed treats the whole family will love! Find your happy place by checking out our store locator!

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Pop Reviews

Perfect amount of sweet and sour. I'm eating one right now!

5 Pop Review

My favorite monster pop! Keep them around!

4 Pop Review

I love lemon lime!

5 Pop Review

Why Lemon Lime


The Lemon Lime Monster Pop came to be after Cherry Pineapple & Cherry Mango were a hit on the shelves. The Zieggyteam saw a need for a refreshingly tart slushed pop and they worked continuously to bring it to market. The Lemon Lime Monster Pop was quite the test to perfect, many blue pops were made before the yellow & green swirls of lemon lime came to life. Now that we have the science down, we hope you continue to enjoy these pops as much as we enjoy making them.